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The puppies are here

Hello, and welcome to Black Canyon Boxers.  We live on a small farm in Montrose Colorado.  My Boxers are part of the household and mean the world to me.  I am a retired school teacher and now I have the time to do what I always wanted to do.  I have done my research into Boxer health and now I am the proud owner of two smart, active, beautiful and healthy Boxer females.  Thora is a dark brindle, American Boxer.  Elbe is a fawn, European Boxer and is over a year old now. We also share our home with a senior Standard Poodle, Bob.  


I learned the hard way about Boxer health.  My first Boxer Augustus died in his sleep at age two.  He didn't have any symptoms.  It tore me up!  Then I started learning about genetic testing and common Boxer health issues.  Although there are no guarantees in life, my goal is to raise healthy, well adjusted Boxers.

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